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Once again you mess up s234

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  • Once again you mess up s234

    Just like last time with your botched merge, it is the same for this merge making us start as lv.1 again. Guess you didn't learn from last time and going to screw us over again.

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    back to lvl 1 S276

    pls.. stop.. merge now,, pls back our char

    IGN: gingersnap

    Click image for larger version

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      I am also having issues. I try through r2 dose not load and if I try through facebook it resarts me.


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        I'm not sure how merges work but have you tried to log in in through the server you were merged with?

        S245 in your case.

        Also here is one of the "rules" for merge. Not sure if it's one and the other or one or the others.

        1. Account Reset: Offline for 7 days or more;(and/or?) level 15 and below (Lvl. 15 included);(and/or?) no VIP subscription.
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        Everyone is entitled to be stupid but some abuse the privilege.


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          what level was the character? if your character was under 15 merge will reset it. Please file a ticket.
          to file a ticket


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            You will need to file a ticket. I will report it.
            to file a ticket


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              Players characters resetting to 1 was reported. It is best to file a ticket as well so r2 has a list of players and their servers that are affected.
              to file a ticket


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                Again the same bug
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                  I also have a problem. Yesterday was about 10 pm, entered the server S234, and looked to have to create a character from scratch again, I was lvl 70 Mage.
                  Today I walked a few minutes in the game, and saw that my character again at lvl 70.
                  So yesterday when it was merging some servers into a single server, it is obvious that it was to a large bug or error to the server. Thanks, however, all is not lost (can not know how the rest of the characters on other servers passed with the merger, since only weekend I have more free time -I play about 14 different servers)