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MODs please help!

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  • MODs please help!

    Hi there MODs, please be so kind and help me out asap. I have bugged homestead for almoust 2 months now, maybe more maybe less, point is that i cant explore layers above lvl 10, i always get the same msg to kill some of previous bosses.It would be pain to post all screenshots of all 10 levels i finished with 100% success rate, including all bosses. Because ss is always needed i will put couple of them soo you can see what i am talking about.I checked countless times, even explored again from lvl 1 to lvl 10, 2-3 times in a row and still lvl 11 layer is locked,blocked, bugged. I already send 2-3 tickets to R2 support and got only 1 response in mail but nothing was fixed. I am kinda desperate now, please help me out and poke DEVs (tech team) as soon as you can. IGN: Maestro / Armorgames S1.
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    can you provide a ticket number? or a email address in which was used to file the tickets.
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      Hi there Rubedo, long time no see, wasnt here on forum for some time now, but here i am, again with anoying bug that is giving me soo much trouble sadly. Sure here is the mail:, dont have all ticket numbers sadly, but i will provide you some: Case # 506372, #490276, maybe 1 more case number before these ones, sadly dont have it in mail, and 1 new Case number sent few days ago, but still no response in mail.


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        One more info Rubedo: i am old player, over 2 years of playing, 18mil BR, exclusive heroes in party, homestead score 120k, baby lvl 40+, maybe this can help if needed more informations. Also i asked almost everyone on server, noone have this kind of bug, even lower BR players with less homestead score points and less baby lvl can explore lvls above lvl 10 in library


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          thank you I will forward your post.
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            Bump. Rubedo can you please re check, or find out if anything is being done with my issue, i didnt even get response in mail from support and its 2 weeks already passed. Homestead is still bugged, i am really desperate


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              Can someone help me please??? Rubedo?


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                i will forward again
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