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Ticket respons time??

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  • Ticket respons time??

    how many millenias do someone has to wait to get a response to a ticket?
    i'm tired of waiting...i'm having trouble with another player from same server, we have almost the same name, and people are always confusing us with one another, could you guys please help with that? i'm willing to make a compromise and be the one who has to change the name, because the other player is older than me in the game, and always has ago at me because of the name, so do other players since i started having access to divine realm. thanks in advance, if i ever get a reply from a staff member

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    Tickets usually need 48-72 hours to get a response. If you still haven't received it an answer, please PM me or one of the mods with the e-mail address you gave in the ticket and we will forward it.


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      i have a question why is the new sever not up yet it is dew to come on today friday the 13 of may?


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        It was reported. Stay patient for now. I have notifed them
        Last edited by Rubedo; 05-13-2016, 08:34 PM.
        to file a ticket


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          ok thanks hope we can get something for this problem lol
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