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Urgent Server Merge needed for S278!!!!!!!

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  • Urgent Server Merge needed for S278!!!!!!!

    Hi, we had a fail server merge some time ago, and it is still needed!!!!!

    Server S278 is dead, players are leaving game or starting chars all over again on other servers.

    Can someone please perform a server merge for S278?

    Or is it possible to migrate char to another server?

    The situation is critical, is impossible to perform any ingame play that requires multi-player.

    Char: Colony

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    No Planned merger for now. I will forward your suggestion.
    to file a ticket


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      We need this merge urgent!

      Why the last server merge failed?
      Why there is no mentor joining our server to check it out and talk to players so can understand the critical situation?

      Please do something to help your customers! Its a shame that you think that with an answer like "we will forward your suggestion" the problem is solved!

      We need more support from R2Games! Or please just inform that our server will be discontined, and if we want to continue playing we need to start all over again.


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        All mentors can do is forward your concerns about a merge but its r2 that have the final say in when and what servers need to be merged.
        to file a ticket