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Good Luck Beach Trap

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  • Good Luck Beach Trap

    Why for heaven's sake does the refresh in Good Luck Beach pop up with
    a 100 diamond charge for refresh??? It refreshes within a few seconds for free,
    but it got me already two times when I didn't pay attention and a normally free refresh
    did cost me 100 diamonds It's a trap because nobody in the
    right mind would pay for it....would be great if you guys could fix that
    and it would be really nice if I would get at least my 100 diamonds back..pretty please :-)


    Whisper 295 Whispering Woods
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    Well it cleary warns you if you spend the dimes. So if its one way or another human error, its less chance to get back the dimes. But try make a ticket, and hope for the bes t
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