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wb problem

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  • daft48eddiex
    started a topic wb problem

    wb problem

    Yesterday the World Boss lasted just 10 seconds.
    Only 2 people hit and it was over.
    We seriously need much more HP on World Bosses - I think everyone on server (bar 2) had to use the reclaim option today.
    Which is really ridiculous especially during a resource tycoon event.
    Perhaps time for World Boss to be split so that BR higher than 15m get their own World Boss and everyone lower than 15m get a different World Boss.
    Once there are more players above 15m then split off those with 25m+ for their own World Boss. Then at least everyone will be able to get rewards from the event.

  • Rubedo
    Leveling guild flag and guild level will increase world boss dragons HP.

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