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S301 Events OFF (CS, Tournament, CHampShowdown)

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  • Bakudankun
    started a topic S301 Events OFF (CS, Tournament, CHampShowdown)

    S301 Events OFF (CS, Tournament, CHampShowdown)

    S301 SilverHEat is 3month old,
    CrossServer fight is off since day 1, still nothing fixed.

    We do not have Tournament (the Team cross server tournament)

    And also the champion showdown don't work.

    It will be fixed one day ? Or better give up ?

  • Alkaris
    Cross-server war if you talk about it, is an issue for a lot of servers, if not all, and it was reported to devs numerous time. Our team remind them about it everyday, but we still dont have an answer about when it is going to be fixed. If you talk about arena, then it is an issue which need to be reported.

    As for Team Tournament and Champion Showdown those events are not permanent and dont have period on which they repeat, so you need to look for announcement of those events, which will say when they are running. Those announcement also say which server will participate in it, very young servers can be excluded from such events.

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