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Eternal Spire Bug

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  • Eternal Spire Bug

    Hello World!!

    I've done the Etereal spire 15 free atempts then i bought another 5 with Diamonds and from all 20 atempts on Hot Events only 3 atemps count, ive lost some free colecting stufs. Did someone else Had this problem?

    i hope that you find a way to rezolve this problem and if posible i would like to get what ive lost from Colecting.


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    In hot events count the blitzes you do or completed lvl. So if you are on lvl 15 and get to lvl 16, its 1 att done in spire,or 3 blitz free daily, which is the 3 att + the lvls beaten in spire. If you use 15 att nd make through stages like 15-1 to 15-9 , its not beaten lvl. If you with those 15 att would make, example: 15-1 to 16-2, its be 1 att done more. So to get 8th spire done , you would need blitz 8 times, with help of enternal spire cards. Or do 3 blitz daily, and as example make from 14-1to lvl 19 -1. Each completed spire level gives you new 15 att. Hope it did make things clearer.
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      Ok, thanks i understand now, Have a nice day!