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When You will fix Cross server ?At the end of the world?

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  • When You will fix Cross server ?At the end of the world?

    On S39 Cross server not working since april. Many ticket's were submited, a ''GREAT'' elf responded but nothing happend so far. How U call the felling tha U see others talk about emblems and CS and U start Queuing all day ,comes to 00:00 start over again all day long and not able enter a single match? I tell you: It's called FRUSTRATION. At least give some lawsy compensation for servers that cs don't work. Some have advantage ,some are forgotten. I fell pitty for this . Can U provide a mature answer FINALLY of this issue? Thank You, have a good day.
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    We understand your frustration, but its been told a lot of time that R2Games is just a host of game and doesnt develop it. When issue arise, we report it to actual developers of game, which are GTArcade. CS war issue is known, and we instigate developers every day about it, but answer is still same - they are working at it and have difficulties with fixing it.


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      I know who's the original developer of Loa and who's the ''forwardind'' platform but ty for posting, maybe some don't know it. So You suggest I should adress straight to GT?. Because , as I said in the original post, it's verry frustrating in Pvp-Pve without emblems (I'm refering straigt to people who can do CS vs the ones who can). And again, I know some events was some times ago implemented by r2. So There is hope,but some of us(like me) lost it. At least Your dev's can implement a daily compensation-or weklly. It's fair and honnest.Some from s123 can't play,some from R2 Can Play. Some in zone 1 can play.... so confused... so tell me should I writhe to Gta to coppy better from chinmeze? or files from gta arrives at r2 broken? Ty for asnwers.


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        Players on GTArcade have same issues with cs, it is global problem and devs know about it. They dont tell us why they cant fix it.