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Blocked account or a login bug?????

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  • Blocked account or a login bug?????

    Hello everyone,

    I am honda6 from server ub24 formerly S-95. The other day I refreshed my screen to find I could
    not log in . I had a message saying blocked. Can anyone confirm that my account is blocked or that this may be a login bug? I filed a support ticket, but have received no reply from R2 games. Mean while I have not been able to make points in SS tycoon and have lost my rank. If I can not log in soon I will lose all tycoon rewards for my current rank. I did have a misunderstanding of what I said in world chat and another player became hostile threatening to have me banned and also my guild leader gwadafan, which I found out through my alt char (erebus )that gwadafan has also been blocked. Support, Opinions and Comments are all welcomed.
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    just to make it clear this is the second time u mis understand me not that bad to make u get banned on tycoon...i didnt send a ticket and i literally said from now on if anyone insults me i will report to the game masters ..and u didnt do anything show my support.i am all with you and gwadafan, if game masters blocked your account because of what u said to me on world chat then please Game masters unblock him because i didnt ask for this. they are both my friends we have our ups and downs and if i want them punished for insulting me i would have asked for it myself, but i didnt send u anything concerning this matter, so please un block these two good people , otherwise please dont take this all on me honda,because i would never hurt a friend even if i said i would its only anger speaking not me take care and hope ur back soon together with gwadafan.
    IGN: ub24
    Name Razor
    server: 102 cool bay
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      All ban issues are resolved and discussed through support