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Cross server friend /chat visibilty issue

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  • Cross server friend /chat visibilty issue

    Have a recurring issue with a cross server friend not being able to see my chats in ally chat. We remove and re-add as friends - which corrected the issue initially but isn't now . Also when we remove and re-add friends, the request will recur - have duplicate entries for same request. I can view anything they chat but they can't see mine. Of course I can't provide screen shot as it is not visible from my screen. Other cross server alliance members have or are experiencing the same issue. VIP is not the issue nor # of friends in either instance.
    Server: ub45
    Character: Elandria

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    Alliance name? Also is it happens to some of your cross-server friends or all of them?


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      Alliance is BloodOath. Happening currently with two other players in alliance also. Has happened in the past with others but don't know if it was ever resolved or if they just chat outside of game as a workaround.


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        Can you ask anyone who dont see your chat for their character and server(platform) info and screenshot?