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Bug into stable

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  • Bug into stable

    Yesterday I increased one of my slots in stable at 10-1. Until level 9-10 all bound mount skills for main works fine, after the breakthrough these skills stopped to work. I used to use on that slot my elephant. At level 10-1 I saw that the game removed the skill from elephant on bound mount skills for main. I try to put it again but the game didn't let me to selected it while told me "that I cannot use this skill". I try few battles with others and I saw that is not a visual bug because I cant use these skills when second and third skill main activate as I did before. Then I try to change the mount on that slot and I put the last dragon bone's evolve. the game let me to use again elephant skill because I put on other slot with lower level from 10-1 but in bound mount skill the game didn't gave me the skill from the dragon but gave me the skill at level 1 no at level 10 from one mount that I don't have it, from chimera. In battles I saw that I use the skill from chimera and no from dragon bone.

    the first photo shows elephant is on the slot 10-1 and the game don't let me to use this skill on bound mount skill for main
    the second photo shows outside at mount icon with same motive and I cant use anyone of those skills in battle
    the third photo show bone dragon on that slot and gave me chimera's skill at level 1 and no at level 10
    the forth photo shows that I don't have this mount unlock it

    Anyone here can help me? I will send also ticket for my problem
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    I have the same problem with mine Thanks for posting this I thought it was just me lol.


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      Can you make additional screenshot? Elephant in 10-1 position and list of skills when you press '+' on joint skill.


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        do you mean this photo ? after i choose the elephant skill the game tells me that i cant choose this skill as a first photo shows on my first post
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          Yes, that is the one. Issue will be reported after you provide character and server info.


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            AtlaS, 153 but also i send a ticket for the problem


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              @ Alkaris plz make sure they fix this for everyone. I have the same problem on my character also, so this is not an isolated thing. pitbull IGN server 293.


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                Should be fixed with yesterday update.