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Khaos Atlas wont work

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  • R281669977
    started a topic Khaos Atlas wont work

    Khaos Atlas wont work

    server: 192 weeping jungel
    ign: Micky
    Khaos atlas cant do this.. blank for more than 10 minute so refresh then same thing show up again

  • Sidhe
    Hi. Issue is reported. From the screenshot you posted I get you tried to do Final Stand and after some fights the screen kinda froze with this window stuck. It's been happening to me too, for three days now, starting from Sunday. A solution I found is to simply get out from that instance by refreshing browser then go back and continue with the attempts left. It is annoying as it asks for two or three times refresh but you can use it until a fix is applied. I can't exactly see from the SS posted but I suppose you use Firefox there, as this is the browser I used and returned that, all the others did not return the frozen screen with the stuck window. You can try to change browser as well, update flash on it and also follow the initial check steps, as annoying as they may seem or be (sometimes they help).
    Last edited by Sidhe; 09-05-2017, 09:33 AM.

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