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Cross-Server war

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  • Cross-Server war

    So I'm just wondering; its been months..cant even remember when but prolly around march when i last entered a CS. Only getting I cant make any honor-points = not fair since others can and get those emblems for more % 2nd n 3rd skill.

    I really wonder, do you guys even TRY to fix something? I am honestly losing my patience with the people behind this game.
    I have been checking my books and see if I can take any actions against this company. Seems I can.

    I kindly advise you people to start working your *** off to fix some of the problems that are here since forever. And if can't fix it, cause of some dumb least give people daily honor-points in Hot Events or something.

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    It was already answered a numerous times that GTArcade is know about issue and cant fix it. Creating new threads about it will not help in any ways.