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boss of windy forest in niflheim of world tree of divine realm runs away

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  • boss of windy forest in niflheim of world tree of divine realm runs away

    i cleared the first two stages of windy forest in niflheim of world tree of divine realm, when i was going to the boss of windy forest, song of winds, it ran to the top left corner of the screen
    ign: WenZhong
    Platform: R2Games
    Server: UA87
    Operating System: Windows 10
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    i tried to kill the boss again by refreshing and i killed the boss, luckily i didn't use stamina when i go windy forest again. does the boss always run to the top left corner of the screen?


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      Hi. It seems it is an issue (not yet solved ) with the running boss in the windy forest in DR. Have you tried the clearing/cleanig cache and history, flushing DNS, rebooting, changing browser ... all the initial check steps which can least assure the issue does not start from there? When I faced that running away of the boss to the left corner I first used the Quest Tracker and pressed the MainQuest there, it simply brought me to the boss and allowed me to finish quest (you could give a try to that too). Another way is to get out of/exit the instance and reenter it then try to intercept the running boss on the path (which, to be honest, annoyed me a lot because I had to try that 3 times until I could catch it - that was extremely not fair play from the part of the boss ). Or you can try refreshing then use/click on the quest tracker current main quest, which might have the same effect. Nevertheless, I will report it but as it's weekend I do not think there's any chance to get an answer until Monday.
      Last edited by Sidhe; 09-15-2017, 01:36 PM.
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