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How to get what we win? + Had no chance yet! NEW TT event

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  • How to get what we win? + Had no chance yet! NEW TT event

    Why in server 289s( Oceanic ) we not have any chance to get any Rewards for joining NEW Team Tournament?
    only few players was able to get chests..

    Our team "STARS" win:
    1st runk in our server - 1 box chest + 1 box for join NEW TT event
    We get 8 runk in common challenge - 1 more box chest
    And only in Final challenge I get 64 Knock out chest.


    1) How to get all what we win? 1st runk box and 64 knock out box for joing the NEW TT event+ box for get 8 runk in common fight NEW TT?
    2) last 10h - 20h ago.. when I opened the 64 Knock out box with 60 and 120 vouchers (2 boxes) = in Arena i got 0 vouchers!
    Who got it if on my acc it's shown as +0 vouchers? (I had 10 before open any boxes! nothing changed!! And it been like this over a month now!)
    who got the vouchers if they not get to my acc from boxes I opened on my char?) Reload not helped at all even 5 times - still no help, cookies cleaned.. nothing helped.

    Another issues I have that shards that I got from different events are just missing - Cat shards and Amazon Soul-hunter Crest parts ..

    If possible, please help.

    With respect,
    Goddess(my server name as well)
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  • Sidhe
    Hello there. Supposedly, from September 2017 until now, the issue got to be sorted out. If any new issue there, please open a new thread and give there all needed details and the requested screenshots or video recordings. thank you, enjoy time out there and playing, too. This thread is to be closed.

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  • ausika
    Tnx for answer.
    list - must be devS can get it from Log of the game ... by now.

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  • Sidhe
    Hello Goddess. Issue has been reported but I'd also suggest to address it to support, here Fill in all fields with the required data (IGN/character name, server name and number), provide a detailed description of the problem like you did in the post, attach screenshots as they are usually the clearest evidence and they help with the checking of the issue. It would be of help to add a list of your TT team members, too. Thank you.

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