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R2 Games (Client) - Internet Connection

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  • Eleanory
    started a topic R2 Games (Client) - Internet Connection

    R2 Games (Client) - Internet Connection


    Server : S2-Sylvia's Copse
    Platform: R2 Games

    Since yesterday on the 6 October 2017, my server been experiencing very very lag on everything.. battlelogs, going for Team Dungeon, loading (2 minutes...), images don't open and etc. Please have this issue rectify as soon as possible. I've tried all sorts of solutions, clear dustbin in client, change internet lines (WI-FI) via phone and modem.. All doesn't work and it has to be your side.

    Happy Mooncake Festival to the developers and its staff ^-^

    Hope to hear from you very very soon!


  • Sidhe
    Good morning Erica. It has been reported and tested and events/dailies/server loads fine. Please apply and follow (in case you haven't done it, of course ) the initial check steps with clean/clear cache and history, reboot, flush DNS, etc - they assure you there's no problem starting from there. Check if you have the most updated flashplayer version as well, clean/clear the cache flash player folder, too. As client got issues lately, issues which couldn't be solved, it's advisable to switch it with a browser and try it, using a browser instead might solve the problem. In case you still want to use client you can also try to check for the most updated version of it, download it, uninstall the current version you're using, install the updated/newest version after.

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