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Genesis bug vs. Soul Rapier

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    started a topic Genesis bug vs. Soul Rapier

    Genesis bug vs. Soul Rapier

    Have had this bug going on for a while now, but due to both a dying graphics card (preventing me from getting a screen shot) and a rather serious health issue that ended up with me in surgery; reporting it has not be at the top of my priorities.

    Whenever I (and a few others I have talked to) face someone (PVP) who has Soul Rapier deployed in their party, Genesis will HEAL and SHIELD Soul Rapier (the enemy) instead of damaging her.

    Usually, it will eventually start working correctly after some random number of rounds - usually.

    It does not happen with Hoarfrost Blade. I am uncertain if it happens with Celestial Blade (Edit to Add: Yes, does happen with CB)

    Battle link (got lucky this time)

    Second Battle Link

    Screen shot showing aftermath of Genesis heal/damage with enemy Soul Rapiers unharmed and shielded
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  • Sidhe
    Good morning. Thank you for the issue signaled, it was forwarded and notified to devs. There will be an update posted after it is checked and verified.

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