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Event: Capsule Toys - Mount Crow - Purchase requirement is wrong - cost did not show coin requirment

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  • Event: Capsule Toys - Mount Crow - Purchase requirement is wrong - cost did not show coin requirment

    Hello there,

    There appears to be a visual problem with the cap requirements for some items in there. I'll just show you with SS in Imgur album. I purchased the crow mount thinking it required only 4 Gold tickets, and 5 Silver tickets as seen in the SS. However, after making the purchase, I realized my coins went down by 800. I've attached SS for your review.


    1) Its not showing the accurate cost for some items

    2) I noticed at least two items that might have the same problem (Frog and Crow mount)

    requesting server compensation
    Last edited by trinalplace; 05-27-2018, 11:53 AM.

  • Sidhe
    Hello. I do hope that will be sorted out by devs and the wrong priced items will be corrected. I will keep you updated about that . Thank you.

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  • trinalplace
    Hi Sidhe,

    Okay, I just submitted ticket through support.

    I only bought the crow mount and it cost me 4 Gold tickets, 5 Silver tickets, and 800 capsule coins (coins were not listed for the cost). I've included the SS of before and after purchase. I wanted to purchase it earlier, but realized it wasn't an option although I had the tickets so I found that odd. It wasn't until I had more coins that I realized it was available (I could click on it) for purchase but to be on the safe side, I took SS prior to purchase and after. And upon reviewing my SS, I realized it charged me coins after all, so I immediately took another SS. I've attached them here.

    IGN: ScarlettRose
    Server: KongregateS5
    Platform: R2games

    Thank you look forward to hearing from someone

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  • Sidhe
    Hello Trinal. Issue has been already reported and we're waiting for devs reply. It is game spread issue so as soon as a fiz is applied and error is corrected it will be also announced in here. For compensating players who have bought the items, there is needed to submit a ticket to support, with all requested data, details about what mount you bought and when, screenshots (uncropped and time-stamped) of the item you got, number of coins you had (before and after the purchase of the items with the wrong price description there). Thank you.

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