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Recharge Failed

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  • Recharge Failed

    So i try and do a Recharge today 7-30-2019 and it says recharge failed with the sign that they give you. and says start again or retry. so i click the button, anyways i just went and bought a prepaid visa debit card to be able to play the game on new server S:4 Tempest Keep. So the Money was on there, but even though i got the recharge failed from your company you still took the money off my card. and no one can tell me where the money went and why it aint in my account. I just want my money back or place what i purchased into my game please.. S4 Tempest Keep- Wolfie. Guild GrimAngels

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    You need to contact support for this issue through this link


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      i did that as well thanks, but seems u only get answers when u post to forum


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        According to support your ticket was already replied, please check your e-mail.