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Demonic War Schedule

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  • smtpadm
    started a topic Demonic War Schedule

    Demonic War Schedule


    Today is 8/3 and I went to set the schedule for my alliance's next Demonic War which runs from 8/4 - 8/7. I want to set it for 8/7 at 21:00, but the system default of 8/4 at 16:30 is already set. Why is the system setting the default schedule when the new schedule period hasn't even started yet? I want to it set to 21:00 on 8/7. I am never around at 16:30 to do it. How can I set the schedule without the system default being set instead? I don't remember this being an issue as long as I set it before the new period started.

    On a related note, would you please ask the developers to just remove the system default? There is no goo reason for there to even be one. Let people set it whenever they want. Thanks.

  • Alkaris
    As far as i know it set default on last day of previous DW cycle after last possible DW ends. Considering that you didnt provide character info and screenshots, i am not sure if there can be anything done. And its not possible to remove system default, because something need to be set when player doesnt make choice.

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