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Unable to log in to the game again

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  • Unable to log in to the game again

    in game name: Elvira666
    S95 (ud12)

    Once again we are unable to log on the game. This has been a reoccuring issue here lately. Even after being fixed a couple times, it is only a matter of around 4 hours before the server becomes so unstable that we can NOT log in again. I HAVE CLEANED MY CACHE again as support always request but still can not log in. Please NOTE the date and time in each capture I upload. Please help, maybe it is time they open a new server and merge us to it if they are unable to fix this one where it will STAY working. Thanks for your assistance.

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    And looks like the issue is back this morning. I think they need different/better devs as this has been ongoing now for 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!


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      I recommend joining us on Discord. We have more people there, so issues are able to be forwarded a bit faster.
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