I scheduled DW for today 7Nov. 2022....for 21:00.
When I went to open DW, I got the message: "DW is not open."
At first, I thought that the recent time change was the cause of the problem. However, my computer has the correct adjusted time AND other events started at the correct time.

I took the photos below to confirm the correct time and the scheduled DW for today.
The photos are timed and dated for today 7Nov2022.

Yes, I submitted a ticket! However, waiting 3 days to process the ticket may interfere with the upcoming Single Server Tycoon if it comes up soon and the issue is not addressed.
I will appreciate if you contact the "support elves" then provide us with their feedback regarding this issue.

Kind Regards
IGN: nama, S33, Metatron's Edict.

See snip photos:

Click image for larger version

Name:	Shows DW is scheduled 7November 2022.PNG
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Name:	Message Demonic War will not open though it is scheduled for 7Nov22.PNG
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