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Bling Items in Inventory NOT adding stats!

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  • Bling Items in Inventory NOT adding stats!

    It states that all bling items in inventory stack. I have both sets of wings and they do NOT stack.

    Please fix this! If the bling items in your inventory are not meant to stack then please refund my diamonds and change the wording.

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    They do stuck, just find some other guys with 1 pair of with and cloth, and compare stats... But they do stuck :P


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      Id they stack then my stats should remain the same when i swap bling.

      But i have less stats when wearing death robes + wings than if i wear Archer robe + death wings.


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        This is a little confusing for players, i'll try to explain.

        You get stats added to your character permanently when you first acquire a bling item.This stat is not lost at any point its permanent.
        When you equip any of your bling item you will get additional stats based on the item you are equipping. This stats changes when you equip a better bling or when you unequip it.

        For example:
        Lets assume you have Angel of Death(1275 BR), Demon Wings(1680 BR) and Seraph Wings (588 BR)
        The moment you buy these items you get the BR from it. A total of 3543 BR +300 BR Set Bonus
        When you equip Angel of death and Demon wings you get an additional 2955 BR (1275+1680), this is your equipped stats and will change when you replace an item or unequip it. If you switch Demon wings with Seraph Wings you will lose 1092 BR (1680 - 588)

        In short you are not losing out on any stats, all stats from bling items are added, just not the same bling items.
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