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Cross-server War Bugs

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  • Originally posted by Gurothos View Post
    Please leave the IGN and server as well.
    Atm they are in a holiday due to Chinese new year, and the problems take a bit more time to get fixed.
    Sorry for the problems, and they'll get fixed soon.
    Thank you.
    IGN: Analily
    Server: S104 Cape of Infinight

    It's cross server war, my server name shouldn't matter. The problems won't get fixed soon because they already haven't been fixed soon. It's been days and days since CS worked. I know you're not the developers but it is frustrating seeing CS broken for so long and no acknowledgement about it in game. It is hard to believe the developers care when they leave the game broken and the problem ignored (at least as far as we can tell)


    • Originally posted by DeathlyWoman View Post
      Server 234
      IGN Deadly
      Can't battle in CS. Screenshots show what happens.
      IGN: Nelatina
      S222 Cinderwood

      I have the same problem in CS


      • are you ever going to fix this or should I start looking for a new game this is getting stupid guys come on and the compensation that was givin out is totally stupid and you can directly tell the devs that from me cause they have lost touch with this game


        • This is awful now, the way everyone on my server is getting treated! .. What do we have to do to get any kind of support ? .. The Devs acknowledge that CS is down for a couple of days on other servers and they are quick to respond with compensation and saying their fixing it. What about ua22 now ? 33 days now we cannot do CS.. and we've received nothing but a couple tickets saying they have contacted the devs please be patient.. Like seriously how much more patience do we need to have.. 33 days is just seriously taking the..!! .. without any form of update on this issue! The amount we've lost to this is unacceptable .. You're slowly but surely losing your cashers here now.

          Forget about all the other bugs we're facing, we'll survive being an GMT server crossed with EST thus causing problems with demonic / divine wars at 2am server time! (We've lasted over a month, don't let devs bug up our server even more trying to "fix this problem). Just please get fix this CS already for us!


          • Cookie
            S242 WhiteCrown

            The bug is you cannot attack, you can mine, you can't die obviously if you attack or get attacked. We all got kicked from CS then came back to a bugged CS. Weird :s
            Wartune's Cookie is retired. In game drama and Cashing is outrageous. Enjoy peeps!

            Server: [S242] Whitecrown- IGN: Cookie - Guild: DevilsGate - Class: Sorcerer - VIP: level 7 - Set: Heroic/Imperial - level: 71 - BR: 2.06 mil - Angel: lvl 80 Eostre


            • when attacking I get a blank fighting screen I don't or kill the oponent. I also cannot use my skills or mine. Also lost attempt and gained nothing.

              S168 Fellbrook

              Click image for larger version

Name:	CS error.jpg
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Size:	247.3 KB
ID:	1709413Click image for larger version

Name:	CS error 2.jpg
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Size:	358.2 KB
ID:	1709414Click image for larger version

Name:	CS mail.jpg
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Size:	413.6 KB
ID:	1709415Click image for larger version

Name:	CS join page.jpg
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Size:	435.6 KB
ID:	1709416
              Last edited by emlooney; 03-10-2015, 09:28 AM.


              • Yeah CS bugged again! When attack I got log failed please refresh but when I refreshed I couldn't get back in CS. In my next try I got verification code wrong! Come on that's annoying.
                And you never gave compensation for almost full month of all possible battle bugs on this game still! Funny but I expected at least some information

                Lilit S36


                • CS bugged good job...don't bother gives us compensation like last time u did wth almoust one week nothing working and u gave lausy compensation. Keep it for yourself. Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled.gif
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Size:	658.5 KB
ID:	1709417


                  • tycoon >>>>>>> cs bugged AGAIN>>>>>>>>>>> don't think any more needs saying


                    • When attacking I get a blank fighting screen. I don't get killed or kill the other person. I also cannot use my skills or mine. Also lost attempt as well as battle points
                      and gained nothing. Why does this keep happening?



                      • S242 cs bugged TA bugged seems to be a constant with this game and I've only been here a month.


                        • Done my Cross Server.. As you can see I'm doen and never got to collect from it.. Please fix Thank you TeresaFang
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	CS Done.JPG
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Size:	467.5 KB
ID:	1709472Click image for larger version

Name:	Hot Events didnt get to collect.JPG
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Size:	447.7 KB
ID:	1709473

                          Level 87
                          S18 (UA8) Erebus Depths


                          • Cant log in CS .(S35 )Azrael Grasp.
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	CS.jpg
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Size:	506.5 KB
ID:	1709475


                            • Yup same happening here. blank fighting screen.
                              Orixy-Berserker-Server 54
                              Guild: NIGHTWALKERS!!
                              News: Valkryie Get! Upgraded Guardian Angel 10 levels in 1 day. Got 2nd in daily rankings for Ranking Points (Card Points), 6th overall I think.


                              • CS stopped working fer me. when i join queue, it says 'battlefield does not exist'

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled40.jpg
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Size:	490.2 KB
ID:	1710807
                                League of Angels

                                S94 Lonewind Forest
                                Magus Rynd