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Proper Gem Combo for Mystics

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    407k br mystic here same problem can`t pass sagi or 6-10(note once u pass sagi u will be able to pass 6-10 too) did try everything nothing worked so i thought getting higher br is the solution and i`l follow that . sadly


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      so i just defeated sagi yesterday...i got 420k br lvl 67

      i changed all my mdef for Dodge, and use aoe spell forgot the name.

      used aegis for stunning.

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        thx for all the info peeps this is going well now taking in everything im reading
        I've finally Beat Sagg thx to having almost 3k Dodge so im on Capricorn now much harder but im happy to be done Saggi Im still stuck on 6-10 however
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          Im a mystic too level 63 with 420+ BR now and just defeated Sagi yesterday.. my gems combo? not good.. I have HP>MATK>MDEF>PDEF>DODGE and 1 END (Level 6 and 5).. My dodge is just 2900.
          You just have to change formation and aegis everytime you try.. i always use cancer or aeries..

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            I have 610K BR and I mostly use Aglilty, HP, MATK, Crit, Hit, and Dodge. The Dodge is INTENSE. I can usually dodge 4 times in a row to win the fight in a PvE. Also get the Crit and Hit up in there as well. As mystics we have pretty strong skills. My Hit, Crit, and Dodge are all around 5.9K. And my high aglity allows me to strike faster than non-casher angels.


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              i got 370k br n i beat a lotta dodges n block though.
              what i did was i used my lvl 60 boad as gaurdian angel n deployed lvl 40 marina with virgo aegis.Hope it works fr you too


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                what level dodge gems? what is your dodge? mine was a little over 5k when i beat sagi using cancer and 3 heroes in the front row just as cannon fodder. A little luck with the stuns and dodges for the win