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Problem loading server 154?

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    Cant Log in to server 54. No one replys lol. Where are you? GM's? Admin? ***! Fix it


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        still cant log thanks


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          well s153 is up but its so damn messy, no arena reset cant claim rewards for arena and com, no arena reset, cant collect todays gemology points chests. way to go


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            error can't login in league of angels and server just missing

            Warning: Memcache:connect(): Can't connect to unix:///var/run/memcached/session.sock:0, No such file or directory (2) in /data/dazongshi/web/kernel/utility/CacheDb.class.php on line 37

            Warning: Memcache::get(): No servers added to memcache connection in /data/dazongshi/web/kernel/utility/Session.class.php on line 50

            Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'RedisException' with message 'Redis server went away' in /data/dazongshi/web/kernel/modules/UserRegister.class.php:339 Stack trace: #0 /data/dazongshi/web/kernel/modules/UserRegister.class.php(339): Redis->sismember('common_key:ip_b...', '') #1 /data/dazongshi/web/kernel/modules/UserRegister.class.php(348): UserRegister->ipBand() #2 /data/dazongshi/web/main/passport.php(218): UserRegister->login() #3 /data/dazongshi/web/main/passport.php(49): Passport->loginAction() #4 /data/dazongshi/web/main/passport.php(23): Passport->dispatch() #5 /data/dazongshi/web/main/passport.php(893): Passport->__construct() #6 {main** thrown in /data/dazongshi/web/kernel/modules/UserRegister.class.php on line 339

            Warning: Memcache::set(): No servers added to memcache connection in /data/dazongshi/web/kernel/utility/CacheDb.class.php on line 75


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              Same problem with S234


              • #22
                Yup Sunless Sea is down... you can't even choose Char name when making ticket..


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                  I checked the servers, all work fine.
                  If anyone is having trouble logging in, please use VPN or change DNS.
                  Thank you.
                  DNS Guide => How to change DNS

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