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Rage Emblem bug

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  • Rage Emblem bug

    Now I've been having this problem for over two weeks now and it's not changing. I buy a rage emblem, put it on, but get no extra rage. Plz tell me why when I clearly have a working emblem, is it not working?
    Click image for larger version

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    rage emblem does not give you instant skill it increases your rage by 25 if you want instant skill to come along with it try upgrading your ring and boots to conquest from triumph to get the extra 25 rage from the set bonus before you do you will get your skill activating second round unless no emblem then will be third round I am surprised noone in your guild could have noticed that and told you
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      You start off the game with 50 rage. +25 rage from rage emblem and +25 rage from full gear set for a total of 100 rage

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        Hey Zahl that would make sense if I didn't have 25 rage TO BEGIN WITH. If I have to I will take another screen shot without the rage emblem. Showing that I still only have 25. And Mr. AE86, you just said the same thing I did so where's my rage?


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          Rage emblem is only for main hero rage, not angel rage. That bubble with 25 rage, that's the angel's rage meter.

          Please post another screenshot with your main hero's stats in battle (hover over main).
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            It's working now thanks XD