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Heros lost BR over night

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  • Heros lost BR over night

    What the freaking hell. I can't prove a screen shot because i didn't know the game was going to EFF UP and take away my br for my heros. My king of bones was way over 100k br and now he's sitting at 93,333 this is INCORRECT. Not only that is i JUST rebirthed huntress last night. and she was 75k br and now she's sitting at 73k and the rest were above 60kish and they are sitting at 60k or alil above or below it. that's the only "change' i've seen from them so far. Anyone else having issues??? Now since the game always effs up i need to make screen shots every hour to prove how wonky and buggy glitched the eff up this game is. Not very happy. I don't want a stupid compensation for this. i want the heros br back. Now i feel like im going to have to go an take screen shots of everything now for tomorrows eff up. Can we have 1 damn day where the game runs like it's supposed too...................
    S23: Eclipse Tavern
    Guild: Crimson Dawn
    Lvl 77: Toxic