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World Boss damage

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  • World Boss damage

    Hi i had a bug with my damage in World Boss i think. Before one week or more i am not sure i start to be over 1 mil damage in the battle,but today i hit only one time over 1 mil it was my last hit on the last boss where usualy the damage is bigger from the rest so pls can you fix it somehow,i don know if tommorow will be like that but i think is not normal that.Last day i make around 1 500 000 damage per hit and that is without upgrade hero.From yesturday till now i take before WB nyssa as a guardian angel but higher lvl from the last one i sync gems on higher lvl i train djini upgrada
    Nether Knight i make two screen on my mail from today with my damage and from 6 days ago
    Click image for larger version

Name:	6 days ago.JPG
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ID:	1750163Click image for larger version

Name:	today.JPG
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ID:	1750164
    i dont know what happen i chek my character if i forget something to put or something else but no everything is fine
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    I am assuming this is a League of Angels post: Since I don't play LoA, I can't help. I'll move this to the LoA forum area.


    PS: To the LoA mods: If this isn't LoA... It wasn't me... ♥
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      i dont see big diference between that 2 screen
      damage is depend also very much about if hit crit or not,what aegist skill you using and how u put hero in party


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        also as u saye u replace nyssa as main angel and put into guardian angel that means u get beter stats but lose lots atack damage from angel strike


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          thats such a minor difference, 6.1M vs 6.2M. my one strike fluctuates from 2.8M to 1.8M sometimes. im still livin with it, cus i know there are damn too many variables
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            is not such a difference.. lol that is the problem look the date of the mail one is on 05.25 the other is on 05.31 so 6 days and yeah i know for the parties and aegist.. but i didnt change that i only upgrade,train mainly develop all my char. soo usually should be more dmg right ? but it was even less from 6 days ago then now is happened again before 2 days every hit i make over 2.2 mil now most of my hits is less then 2 mil how about that ? and i only develop i am not goin down with my stats ? you can explain me that ? i am not some annoying player witch complain for everything what i dont like i just report.. because the game have alot of bugs and if we dont report they will not fix it and i think nobody want that to see they develop but their stats goin down right ? if it's like that i give this game not more then a month and alot of people will stop playing! what is not interest on admins of LOA i think.. i want to thnx them after the report my dmg got normal.. like i say now again is happened but i'll see if it's continue that.If it keeps that way i will again make a report like a normal player in the game


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              seriously?this is like one of the most insignificant things o.o


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                That thread is like a mount old, guys. And the problem probably have been change of stats so a new formation would have fixed it.
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