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Elite Spire enchanting

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  • Elite Spire enchanting

    Elite spire

    Im friggin tired every time when i want to enchant and my pnts arent enough,i go to sleep and when i wake up all my points are gone.Fix the damn thing or just remove it.
    Its annoying,cant rly calculate every time im goin to enchant how many pnts would take.Its damn random,so sometime is more,and when i dont have more items for enchant then they all gone.I mean c'mon.Like i said,fix it or remove that option!!!

  • #2
    that's why you always save more


    • #3
      I odnt rly want to save more,i want instead of that more to get other items for other parts.If it was workin properly,thats how it should be.Dont give me smartass retarded answers.Ty


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        mk then be a spoiled brat and whine like a kid hoping devs hear you (they won't). hf


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          If they wont,i deff dont need your opinion.hf


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            hehe it bug never gonna be fix

            lv1 - 150 avg
            lv2 - 450 avg
            lv3 - 950 avg
            lv4 - 1600 avg

            the only other way to do it.. save the stone of that number!!!!!


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              same here in first time enchant not enough to gain lvl 1 and tommorow my all point from 5 equipment back to zero... ...after siad fixed that elite i had missing point lvl 2 armor royal 140 point gone again .... damn try to fixed and give my point back via PM ....
              s61 doomstone forest
              guild highness
              Name: gerasi
              LvL: 93
              Br: 4.5+ m
              Server: 61 Doomstone Forest
              Guild: FlyPoject
              Alliance: Balkan