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Team Tournament ... reward / vouchers

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  • Team Tournament ... reward / vouchers

    Is it just me, or did they removed the Team Tournament without even refunding the vouchers, give is the bets reward, or a compensation to make up for the massive mistake they did?

    i had like 4000-4500 vouchers used on it and never saw a single refund/reward/compensation, and this is not just forgotten cause theres more bugs then there should be, this should be brought up to the GTarcade dev staff, so they can give people back their vouchers, or the rewards they where expecting, considering some of us basicly bet on almost every fight and thats a few lvl 7 gems 1600 soulstones / aegis shards lost.

    IGN Camoswush
    Server 93 - Cliffs of Dispair

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    reading the notice does helps