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Angeal tears prob

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  • Angeal tears prob

    I have that prob,every 2-3rd angeal tear wont move my exp bar.It will show the exp that gave,but the purple line just wont move.So ill have to use x2 tears to lvl up angels.Its kinda annoyin,1-2 will move the purple bar,then 1-2 wont.When i check the exp,actually shows that the angel got the exp,but the line wont move,so it takes much more tears to lvl up Angel.At least thats how i see it.

    Would love some info on that matter.


  • #2
    display lag

    Happy Chinese New Year!


    • #3
      Dont think thats a lag,cos its not like it delays the exp or the exp line.It just wont move the line.


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        Same as in some battle reports where the dmg or heal don't show, display lag. (When you replay it sometimes it shows)

        Happy Chinese New Year!


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          you can try closing and re opening the angel interface to see if the exp bar moved.

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            Is it that you hit the low exp, and your angel is high enough (about 45+) that it just doesn't show? Cos when I strike valor or or power on lvl 51 angel, exp shows, but its so little in proportion to the angel lvl the bar doesn't move.
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