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Cross Server Queuing glitch

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  • Cross Server Queuing glitch

    ok so i started league of angels 7 days ago and im lvl42 and since lvl 33 i have persistently been trying to do cross server but ofcourse out of the 100 times ive tried (give or take ) none of them worked. So what the glitch is that i would click join queue i would wait the 25 minutes and then it will freeze at zero seconds. When i close out of the cross server window and bring it back up it say join queue then i have to restart. I have Figured out that it is not my computer or internet but it is the account most likely. i tested this theory by going to 2 other friend's houses and came out with the same results. i would very like to find it fixed soon. my ingame name is Clarrissa on Server 21 (Pandaemonium) thank you for the time you took to read this please get back to me soon.
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    It's been happening to a LOT of people. On my server (185) very few are able to get in for the last couple of days.