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Game loading problems and wb bugs!!!!!!

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  • Game loading problems and wb bugs!!!!!!

    come one, right before WB we get this problem and after trying to connect and manage after several failed attempts, what do i see....i join a bugged WB. GIVE ME A ******** BREAK is there anything good you idiots do except milk our money? yeah you dont reach in our pockets to take the money but sure as hell enjoy when we spend. so YOU COULD ATLEAST HAVE THE DECENCY TO MAKE THIS ****** GAME WORK PROPERLY.over and over you prove your incompetence, this game is gonna die soon.
    Last edited by Greenfireflygirl; 07-17-2014, 02:48 PM.

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    same here, s127. very very serious lag, couldnt log in, same with other people in my server


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      This issue was fixed yesterday and compensation was sent to everyone.
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