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elemental upgrade fail

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  • elemental upgrade fail

    I haven't had a successfull element upgrade in over 1000 stones.
    This was the worst of them so far.
    What have you done?
    My Sentinel didn't have anywhere near this much trouble.
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    Get a life, they said.
    I'm a GAMER, I replied,I have LOTS of lives

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    wait until your your elemental get to level 7 then repost it
    Lord 'de la juNk'


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      well i did has losing steaks like this too dunno if exactly 1000 but oh well there were several hundreds without even an upgrade . it happens i guess


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        i had the same problem upgrading element for my n.knight he's element training is still lvl1, cause every time i consume crystals stats either it doesn't change and gives 0 to all or drop's lower than before.... and i do upgradeX50 crystals each time....
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          i know the feeling bro. i'm stuck too at lvl 19 ice hahahahaha! i used 1k elemental dust last night but got only 4stars T.T

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            Think you got it rough? Used 600 elemental dusts for 0 stars
            Click image for larger version

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            <--- 700k+ BR Claw

            everyone knows there was a problem with claws not working how he should've, yet you seem to cry about which to me seems like you cant kill people you used to be able to.


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              yeah like Kingofjunk said... wait until you get above lv 7. 300-500 element dust is just a waste lol if you're not luck enough