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Again i think this is a bug!(Agility bug to angel)

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  • Again i think this is a bug!(Agility bug to angel)

    I will put some pistures to explain me who this is posible and dont say to me inrhit becouse that is not posible becouse the angel is max ..
    My angel have a bigger br and aegis give me more agility ,patk hit,crit(atributes) than my oponent angel but stiil my oponent have a bigger agility.
    8* lvl 70 nyssa bouth
    Maybe i am a foul but i dont think so and i want to explain to me how is posible this?
    my angel
    [ATTACH=CONFIG]93689Click image for larger version

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    [/ATTACH]Click image for larger version

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    my oponent angel

    I am sure it is a bug plz fix that
    look i calculate to all players agility nysa to 8* lvl 70 agility without aegis is max 21700 to all
    In same server s43 ign:cursed have agility to angel 36950-15250(aegis agility for angel)=21700
    s43 ign:lord tutus have agility to angel 35568-13868(aegis agility for angel)=21700 same
    same for me s43 ign:ursuletu have agility to angel 37196-15496(aegis agility for angel)=21700 same
    but now it is the problem and becouse of that she is nr1 in clash....
    s43 ign:krsnadasi have agility to angel 37880-15189(aegis shard for angel)=22691..
    I want you to fix this because it's not normal for you to give an advantage to certain players with bug...
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    You don't have to open a new thread ... please just reply in the old thread.
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      thanks now is fixed :8