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World Cup Wager Rank Rewards

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  • World Cup Wager Rank Rewards

    So when this first appeared it showed up that After rank 201+ Everybody gets some stuff, as long as get 2k points required.

    Now it sort of show the same but it also now shows the list up to Rank 205. Which didn't do before, it was only till 201+.

    So the question is are still the people After 201 getting the Stuff or now is only for Top 205?

  • #2
    The Rankings go far over the 8000+ Ranks...
    I found me in the ranking, with Rewards (Freya Boots Fusion Gem & Blessed's), but the "Collect" button is still grey ôo
    to 100% i did not recieve the Rewards and i'm still not able to get them.... =/


    • #3
      I get the reward with 3675 points and rank 1257.