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Angel tears bug in tycoon

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  • Angel tears bug in tycoon

    anyone noticed the huge amount of unexplained points spawned in angel tear section out of nowhere?

    did the last update fixed it? i'm not sure what triggered that bug so i couldn't take full advantage of it (just kidding...or am I?)

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    Looks like it was in fact fixed with latest update, though.
    Last edited by hunuot; 07-10-2014, 07:33 AM.


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      everybody was wondering how a non-casher could do 3k tycoon points in 20 mins in angel tear section? ^^

      why recharge when you can wait for the proper bug?

      I'm just curious if R2 or Gtarcade or who is responsable for this will do something about this or will try to look the other way, pretending nothing happened like they do most of the times. )))


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        I noticed it yesterday but wasnt sure, till today . YOU GET ANGEL TEARS POINTS FOR CLEARING !!! TOTEM LEVELS!!!!! did 1st level and 2nd-1 = 2300 pts on angel tears. so kinda 1stage gives 2000, second 300 each clear level. So stronger ppl get more pts there cause they clearmore levels , ahaha awsome!! Totems, not work cs, didnt worked Tournament and now got buged in Tycoon !!!!


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          apparently they fixed it with the update .
          Now...Fun fact! Who did the totems before the update have a 3-4 k advantage in tears section @ tycoon!
          For the others...tough luck! buy some tears from Djinni to recover 4k pts in tears cheap