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Issue in erebus

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  • Issue in erebus

    Im at the finish line and i cant take my reward. Why?
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    Originally posted by R244375573
    You have to defeat the boss to collect rewards.

    If you run out of steps before getting to the Boss you can only leave and lose everything.
    even if you lose, it takes you to a battle screen and then you see victory or defeat which then takes you back to erebus screen where you pick what level you wanted to do. and if you look at the screenshot, they are standing on the boss with 1 step still remaining.


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      There are two doors at the bottom do not choose that one.

      One lets you leave and come back later, the other CANCELS the erebus so you lose it. It is not a bug it is a game settings. Choose your exit wisely
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        I had 1 step more and i was in the same place *** the boss.


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          Originally posted by HaiCaTrece View Post
          Im at the finish line and i cant take my reward. Why?
          After i was reading some of the responses i got a quick question, did you fight the boss or just get stuck on top of them without the fight triggering? That might help get an answer for you.