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Erebus bug

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  • Erebus bug

    Getting here
    Doing erebus purgatory lvl 3 for ring and boots
    and what do i get
    mail and greaves wth is this about?
    no matter wich i choose am stuck whit those options and its pissing me off
    Last edited by EdgeLOA; 07-14-2014, 01:10 AM.

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    go back and do the hell levels 1-3 for whatever shards you need. at the moment, hell levels and purgatory levels give the same shards and experience from what i noticed. they havent changed the purgatory shards yet, not sure if that will eventually change to the 80 gear or not.


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      No I think OP got different shards than what was posted for that level. Instead of ring and boot shards they got mail and greaves.
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        All the purgatory levels give rings and boots, why...i dont know. The first level also gives helmet and weapons and the second level also gives armor and greaves. 3rd level I dont know what it gives to be honest cause I just do auto complete and you cant run the auto complete on the 3rd purgatory. If you need 1 specific shard more than the others, it is best to go back to the hell levels so you only collect the 2 different shards instead of 4 different possible shards.