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Tycoon rewards not received after collecting

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  • Tycoon rewards not received after collecting

    Server: S6
    Character: ShawnPatrick

    Type: Tycoon rewards

    Details: I never received my rewards from Tycoon event.

    I placed 19th overall collected my reward and am missing my 2 level 6 fusion gem chests and my level 7 cherubstone. I am not sure if I didn't get everything else I mostly want those items since I put out real money to even place in the top 20 and I am not happy about being screwed out of them. I am also NOT happy about you people not even trying to respond when I opened my support ticket this morning immediately after this happened. I will be providing many screenshots to show you I have received nothing and if you need more from the afternoon I am willing to provide those as well.

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    You know you haven't reached 48k points that are needed for adv. prize? That's why you got only vouchers and lvl7 common gem
    [S69] Foultusk Lair


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      Nope and guess what a response from a team would have been helpful and this would've never had gotten posted, but I got no replies from a ticket explaining anything. Thanks for letting me know.


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        You need 48k points to collect the advance rewards, main thread for this event explains this and kind of mentioned ingame
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