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Angel Inheriting

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  • Angel Inheriting

    Inherited an angel that I'd upgraded already to one that had a higher level cap and had to re-upgrade after inherit. I have better things to do than farm another 30 holy crystals to do the exact same upgrade twice.

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    Server: S152
    Char Name: Becky

    Type: Angel


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      After inheriting a high angel to a lower angel you need to re-upgrade it's ranks with holy crystal but the exp is kept

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        i've inherited before and didn't have to re-upgrade...i thought that was the whole point of inheriting--to keep the same levels, evolution, etc. so now i'm basically just out the effort of collecting the holy crystals because it didn't actually transfer over the progress i'd already made? gee, thanks.


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          Its NEVER inherited Holy Crystal Upgrades between Angels. You are mistaken if you think it has before. It is a pain in the rear but sadly you have to farm up those Holy Crystals again. Between Blitz and Angel Bonding, you should gather them fairly fast, assuming you are the appropriate level.
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