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Intimacy disappeared and no reply from support?

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  • Intimacy disappeared and no reply from support?

    3 days ago, me and my friend on S180 were planning to get married - we had well over 2k intimacy (probably closing in on 2.5k or so), and he was getting sex change card. Before that, I sent him 999 roses, and intimacy was still working fine - we got the normal amount and all was good. After that, I had him escort my wyrm, and to our amusement, instead of usual +20 intimacy, we got notification of +678 intimacy. This was amusing to us, but then we checked details and saw that our intimacy had actually dropped to 0. We both opened a ticket about it, but for the past 3 days, neither one of us has received reply. We have tried deleting and readding each other, as well as refreshing the page, but the intimacy is completely GONE.
    It's upsetting that the intimacy we worked hard for and used actual money for has disappeared within a blink of an eye, and we're getting ignored by support (where as when I made requiry about missing diamonds, I got reply within 15 minutes) - I have no clue why I am paying for this.
    I'd really like to have our intimacy restored or AT LEAST a damn apology for this - is that really too much to ask considering the amount of time and money lost due to this glitch / bug?

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    4 days, still no responses anywhere...


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      5 days, still no reply...


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        6 days, still nothing


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          I guess the Admin don't like sex change?


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            What's your ticket number?

            Happy Chinese New Year!