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Shamefull compensation for 4 weeks of problems in cross server

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  • Shamefull compensation for 4 weeks of problems in cross server

    Finaly it's fixed Cross Server is now working .....

    Thanks to the ligue of Angel team

    But what about the compensation : here is what we got as compensation :

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CrossServer-Compensation_01.jpg
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ID:	1753712

    Here is what we get for 1 lost cross server war :

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CrossServer-Reward_01.jpg
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ID:	1753713

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CrossServer-Reward_02.jpg
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ID:	1753714

    Take this and multiply it by 3 (day)

    multiply this by 24 day of problems not able to get the 1st attempt reward and blocked no possibility to make your 3 daily battles

    120 000 gold x 72 = 8 640 000

    100 vouchers x 72 = 7 200

    300 honor x 72 = 21 600

    2 divine chest x 72 = 144

    333 battle honor x 72 = 23976

    For al the time we lost the only thing we got was 400 honors ?

    I feel ashame and really I don't think this compensation is worth the time we lost.

    I do hope you will understand why I posted this thread and I hope some others will agree with me on that

    Otherwise I am still waiting for my compensation conserning the cross server team tournament bug on server 174 copper coast .....

    When I look at your compensation and

  • #2
    have fun waiting, when cross server has gone down before and players complained and wanted compensated with the rewards we normally get in cs, compensation usually isnt even 1/4 of that and just honor and sometimes gold.


    • #3
      It just goes to show all they value is our money, not us as players. R2Games has no respect for us.

      That compensation is an insult. We should have gotten millions more in compensation. The last time Cross Server went down for 2 days, we got 20 million gold. This time, it goes down for 4 weeks and we get 400 battle honor. R2Games customer support are a joke. R2Games just flat out insulted us to our faces. It would have been better if they had not given us any compensation at all... at least we would have thought they missed it. But them giving us that disgustingly little tidbit is insulting.

      I wonder why we always post these messages but we get no response form the G Ms either. To ashamed to step up and try and defend the lack of respect we get from an overseas company that doesn't care about anything but our money.

      G Ms care to respond and attempt any kind of justification for us being treated this way? No? I didnt' think so.


      • #4
        It's an insult of what they give us back as compensation. It doesn't compensate, it insults.


        • #5
          we hope that u guys can do it better then this ! i mean 2 mil compensation 4 one month without cs is a joke ! think about it


          • #6
            one month no cs -_-.. we hope that u gave us a better compensation thank u