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Erebus bug

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  • Erebus bug

    GOOD DAY!!!

    ive been hearing and listening about bugs that occurs in this game, some of them ive experience and were already reported, and today i encountered a bug in erebus which makes me annoyed, its because im so excited that my king of bones will be completed in his ruin set but sad to say it didn't because of this bug, i blitz erebus purgatory level 2 cos i need more greaves of ruin for my red hero, but this happen. after blitzing, instead of collecting ruin shards, some of my ruin shards were lost and its pretty dissapointing... and i notice TA in the evening is not working properly after loading looking for opponents its says, log in failed, and in cross server, points were mix up, instead of getting score it goes to the opponents... hope you guys on the other side will hear this and makes immediate action regarding this matter... otherwise its not our lost its yours... server is S86 northern furnace...and if possible, please reinstate all the shards that lost to me, immediate action wil be greatly appreciated....
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    Greetings, do you have a screenshot showing you had shards that were supposed to be gained during the run? They don't just disappear. Do you have fewer shards before the runs than you do after? have you sorted your inventory so any spare stacks are sorted up after the run?
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