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  • Twilight Clash

    Hello ,

    I would like to report a bug( i think it is a bug ,or maybe some additional program used by some players ). Already saw it happens 3 times , 2 times with same players. The opposit guild grab the right side flag and 1 player get stucked in an intermediate point ( between flag spawn point and own base ) . Other flaggs disappear , and doesnt matter which of us attack that enemy player get dead ( even much higher br, and even having same berserk status). The enemy stuccked in this point doesnt take any damage, and somehow hes hp points getting up. Of course the flag is blocked , other flaggs disappeared , our guild stuck on base waiting that the event finish. 1 min before end, somehow everything get normal , all flags on the map.
    Maybe I am new in this game , but my imperssion and not only mines is that in this event something is not going right .
    Of course i have some screenshoots.
    Thank you

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    TC is bugged to hell. It always has been and always will


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      This TC bug is often happened. Never fix till now.