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Zodiac 1--click blitz bug/ Database Error

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  • Somebody helps me !!


    IGN : 5uck
    Server : [S79]Titanhammer Cage
    Char: Mage


    • so...
      not even a single reply from any moderators...are u all just ignoring us?!
      a few glitch in log in got resolved right away but this database error is been going on for weeks and not a single fixing is being heard.
      i dont wanna be rude but at least tell us something or any progress happening on this database error or this wont be resolve ever so we dont have to wait in vain.
      and i will just quit! tired of posting bug reports but no actions taken, no reply from the moderator if the devs are working this **** out.
      tycoon is almost over and yet this database still going on! and the compensation is not equal to the lost shards, exp, gold and etc.
      so UNJUST!
      pardon for the behavior..just so ****** off with the bugs and the no reply from moderators.
      thank u!


      • really were forwarded to this thread only to be ignored...hell yeah thanks for making us quit


        • hayZZZZZZZZZZZ stiLL no BLitZ d tycoon event is finish then where are the points in BLITZ and ZOdiac only REPORT REPORT and REPORT but never fixed so are u happy now putang ina nyan 16 days no BLITZ
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          • i got same problem 6th day for me :@:@:@ fix it admins at last!!!

            IGN: Immortal
            Server: S100 Ridge o'Fire


            • me too..same problem..database error..cant do dungeon blitz coz of the zodiac blitz issue. 15 day today

              Server: S43 Israfil's Horn
              Character: Crownd

              Type: Zodiac Blitz

              Details: I cant do dungeon blitz/loop blitz because it says database error in my zodiac blitz. i have tried refreshing, clearing cache, clicking clear cd but still says database error.
              Admin Please help meeeeeeeeeee............!!!!!!!!!!!!
              Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled.jpg
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Size:	416.0 KB
ID:	1697355


              • 1 Click Zodiac Error

                Originally posted by AE86 View Post

                I need your IGN
                here same problem 'bout 1-click blitz error. . .
                Click image for larger version

Name:	Capricorn Database Error.JPG
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Size:	169.6 KB
ID:	1697363

                IGN: via27
                Server: S181 Firestone Keep


                • Extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused and lack of update regarding this issue. We have been following up with the techs to get this fixed regularly.This has been fixed for most of the players but there are still few facing this issue and we are trying to get it fixed for all soon.

                  Note: If your are still facing this issue and your name is not mentioned in the list below then please post again in this thread.
                  Its been fixed for most of the players in the list below.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_1.png
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Size:	19.0 KB
ID:	1697368
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2.png
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Size:	18.9 KB
ID:	1697369
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_3.png
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Size:	20.4 KB
ID:	1697370
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_4.png
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Size:	17.7 KB
ID:	1697371
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                  • I have not solved the problem yet

                    IGN : master

                    Server : S171 Citadel of Hope

                    GM *Please help * me I can not I come in the game because of this error

                    type: zodiac blitz
                    details: cannot blitz database error


                    • oh thanks sir edge, atleast we know we are not ignored...ty


                      • Database error

                        Good afternoon, I have been informed about the problem msm zodiac, and the blitz, can not do quests and earn items, ha three months, the error persists in data base error, already cleared data, I tried to login again, cancel the blitz put without result.

                        Server:[S82]Wall o' Thorns
                        type:Error Blitz
                        Details: Data base error

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Sem título.png
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Size:	942.7 KB
ID:	1758774[/QUOTE].


                        • I
                          KiLL You



                          • i am not in that list, i have that problem again :@ i made case too, it is: 204889. help me admins plz !!!

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	1.png
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Size:	931.1 KB
ID:	1697439

                            ING: Immortal
                            Server: S100 Ridge o'Fire


                            • immortal your name is just ahead of my name strawhat on the list edge posted


                              • I have this issue as well. Please can you fix it.

                                ign Crye4Me
                                Server 198 Twighlight Sanctuary

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot2_zpsa7ecfb46.png
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Size:	714.2 KB
ID:	1697479