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recaptcha bug CS

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  • recaptcha bug CS

    Okay i know im not crazy and i know my eyesight is okay and i know i typed it right because i double check it. This has happened to me few times not often but few where i typed the right code and it says its wrong, twice.....its always twice wrong and idk how to report this i cant just take SS for every single CS i do so im asking you to let devs know and tell them to look into this issue because im 100% sure it wasnt my fault.
    Thank You
    IGN: HappyCookie
    Server: S184

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    Make sure to check your caps, some letters needs to be capitalized

    Happy Chinese New Year!


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      Yes.... Its Happened to me too..... im put correct code but they said if that wrong and they kicked me *** from CS... oh Damn
      (S121) Republic Of Dis
      GuiLD : ShaDuR

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        sometimes what happens is that you took too much time to type and the code refreshes... and you don't need to type it in caps !!!
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