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Raiders attempts bug

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  • Raiders attempts bug

    I attacked 1 player 2 times got 1 shard and i went for attack more players and it told me i dont have enough attempts, i was like WTH attacked 2 times and no attempts o.O my attempts were showing 0 zero after attacking for 2 turns, idk if its related but when i got 1st shard i attacked again same player and after fight got info "player doesnt have anymore shards" maybe its related to this idk......but i lost 8 attempts in raids and heres a proof
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    IGN: HappyCookie
    Server: S184

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    Its impossible that you only used 2 attempts since you received 500 raiders points and have not yet used any of your explore attempts.

    Note: you only get 80 points from a successful raid

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      ........are you saying im **** lieng ? really ? wt.f is wrong with you ? i try to help and im not stupid or blind or something, im playing this for over 6 months now and i KNOW how many ******* stupid moronic bugs devs had and you ask me this ? srsl man im sick of this you insulting me like this man go F word yourself lol ban me or not idFwordcare anymore

      P.S. never had won just one shard before and i think id notice if i fword-ing failed 10 times ??? ffs you treat us players like morons, you wont believe me till same shi.t happens to more people so i wont post ******* bugs anymore because i just get foot up my arse ******* mongs
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      IGN: HappyCookie
      Server: S184